About this Site

Why do we exist?

We are Review Before You Buy a Wig. The one online platform where membership grants you access to uncensored, unsponsored, and non-glamorized wig reviews. The founder watched a bazillion videos before making a high investment in a human hair wig. This is no exaggeration. She was more overwhelmed after she watched the video reviews. Even the wig reviews on Amazon did not motivate her to make a purchase. They did not provide the information she needed to come out of pocket to spend anywhere from $300 to $1,200 for a quality or high-quality human hair wig. The thoughts reeling through her mind were this. “I can read the specs on the retailer’s website. I can see the fancy boxes and packaging and freebies on the retailers’ website. I can readily buy wigs in bulk at a beauty supply store." The reviews out there did not provide the necessary details. Enter the solution: The founding of Review Before You Buy a Wig Online Membership Platform.
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  • What are the benefits of becoming a member?

    You need this membership to save time. When planning to spend big money on a wig, you can exhaust countless hours watching videos here, there, and everywhere online, such as YouTube and wig retailer sites. What’s different about Review Before You Buy a Wig is that we have reviews from customers who have purchased and worn the wig for up to one year. The array of the videos consists of initial reviews, styling reviews, six-month reviews, and one-year follow ups. All reviews on the same type of wigs are categorized together. For example, you can watch a certain number or an unlimited number of videos on a specific wig in one fell swoop. Lastly, there are financial incentive benefits in the works with various industry partners. Once finalized, there will be a financial reward for being a member.

  • How dated are the video reviews?

    You will not have to rely on outdated videos. In other words, some of the issues a reviewer had with a wig retailer in 2016 may not be a current issue. Perhaps, the wig retailer rectified the known issues from two, three, or four years ago. Our videos are constantly relevant to the exact moment you are wig shopping.

  • What do you mean by non-glamorized video reviews?

    We keep it clean and focused. There is no profanity and half-naked women doing reviews to trap music. As a potential buyer, you are interested in the details of the wig, not all the reviewer’s lifestyle choices. This is a business decision, and we keep it professional, not ghetto. You can think of us as the company that reports the candid truth about wig purchasing.

  • How can I submit a video review for inclusion in your membership content?

    We welcome the opportunity to review the potential video submissions of wig purchasers. We have a distinct set of video review submission requirements. Please request a video submission requirement packet by clicking on the email link in the footer area of the site.

  • How can I become a Beauty Partner?

    We welcome the opportunity to partner with individuals and companies, who sell wigs. This Beauty Partnership will enable us to pass on another financial benefit to our members, as well as be financially lucrative for you and your organization. Please request a partnership packet, which includes all the specifics by by clicking on the email link in the footer area of the site.

  • How long can I be a member?

    We love to have you forever. Seriously, you can be a member for as long as you like. All of the Review Before You Buy Wig Memberships can be cancelled at any time. All we ask is that you provide us with feedback in a timely fashion in order to attempt to rectify any issue. Even if you cancel your membership, we will consider your feedback to improve the memberships we offer.